On May 20th, a delegation of nine members of the Korean National Assembly affiliated with the Forum for Peace and Prosperity on the Korean Peninsula led by Park Byeong Seug visiting Japan held informal talks with Yukio Edano, Leader of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP), Akiko Kamei, Director-General of the International Bureau, and Katsuya Okada,  Member of the House of Representatives affiliated with the CDP/Independents Coalition. 

The Forum for Peace and Prosperity on the Korean Peninsula is a bipartisan forum established by the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea in order to set in place a consistent and sustainable unification policy irrespective of changes in political administrations. It strives to promote societal consensus based on policy studies regarding peace and cultural exchange, unification policy, and especially inter-Korean economic cooperation. 

During the informal talks, both parties acknowledged the current state of affairs in which extremely active youth and grassroots exchanges continue despite the harsh political conditions. Based on this, both offered forward-looking statements that regular fostering of trusting relations between parliamentarians of both countries will contribute to the creation of strong future relations between Japan and South Korea.