The newly arrived South Korean Ambassador H. E. Mr. Nam Gwan-pyo visited the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan on May 30th, and met with Party Leader Yukio Edano, Secretary-General Tetsuro Fukuyama, Special Deputy Chairperson of the Policy Research Council Shinkun Haku, Chief Deputy Chairperson of the Policy Research Council Hiranao Honda, and Director-General of International Bureau Akiko Kamei.

The Ambassador stated, " It has been three weeks since I took office. Everywhere I have been since then, the severe bilateral relationship has been a topic, reminding me of the heavy responsibility of this role." Edano responded that exchange on the public level continues to deepen, and that we should utilise that trend, we should slowly but steadily re-establish a positive Japan-Korea relationship at the political level, going back to the time the comment of Prime Minister Kan was published.

The other parliamentarians present also discussed the importance of actively setting discussion tables among parliamentarians of both nations, creating guidelines for resolution of disputes, and in particular, promoting projects that enable candid dialogue among young members of parliament.