The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan

September 15, 2020

1. Basic philosophy

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan is a political party fostering democratic politics that value constitutionalism and deliberation. It is a party protecting human lives and wellbeing, and with the people as the leading actors.

Our basic philosophy stands on:
Respecting freedom and diversity, with mutual support,
Creating a symbiotic society with human beings at the core,
Aiming for international cooperation, and fulfilling our responsibility for the future.

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan shall be established on this basic philosophy, and aims to embody it in our policies. We hold the strong determination to become the ruling party that can meet the expectations of the people, connecting with the daily lives and workplaces of each and every person and with local voices, and prioritizing preparation for the future.

2. Our goals

A.  Democratic politics based on constitutionalism

We will adhere to constitutionalism and to the national sovereignty, respect for basic human rights and pacifism stipulated in the constitution of Japan, under the symbolic emperor system.

We will hold sincere, future-oriented constitutional discussions from the perspective of deepening constitutionalism.

We will protect and nurture democratic politics, valuing deliberation based on grassroots voices.

B.  A free society that respects human rights

We will build a free society that respects human life and basic human rights, through a fair and transparent social system.

We will resolutely fight all forms of discrimination.

We will establish gender equality that allows all people to realize their full potential and individuality, regardless of gender. We will build a society free from discrimination on any basis including sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, employment status or family structure.

C.  A symbiotic society that respects diversity and mutual support

We value each and every person as an individual, and acknowledge diverse values and ways of living. We will create a symbiotic society with mutual support, where everyone will have both a place and opportunities.

We will build a decentralized energy society based on renewable energy that makes use of the characteristics of each region. We will invest all of our policy resources to realize a zero nuclear energy dependent society as soon as possible.

We aim to achieve a sustainable society in harmony with diverse living things and the natural environment.

D.  An Economy that respects people and promotes wellbeing

In a fair and open market, we aim to create an economy that will assure the wellbeing of the people instead of immediate efficiency.

We emphasize investing in people, avoiding the theory of excessive self-responsibility. We will eliminate disparities through fair distribution, and establish a society in which each person can experience happiness.

We aim for an economy with security in food, energy, and essential services for living.

We will contribute to the development of science and technology. We seek to create a society in which personal information and rights are protected and individual lives are not infringed upon.

E.  Sustainable and reliable social security

We will establish a sustainable and reliable social security system.

We will ensure opportunities for lifelong learning and pursuing challenges, and realize a safe society in which each individual can flexibly choose their own working and living styles.

We will support the growth of all children in society as a whole, and create a society in which those who wish to have children can have and raise them with a sense of security.

F.  A strong and trustworthy government in times of crisis

As a pragmatic, future-oriented political party, we will break away from the shackles of the complex of politicians, the administration and industry, and steadily implement appropriate political, administrative and fiscal reforms.

We will thoroughly implement effective public records management and information disclosure in order to realize a transparent, fair and trustworthy government.

We will realize a robust and effective government that can function reliably even in times of crisis, including disasters or infectious diseases.

We are committed to the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and from other disasters.

We respect the autonomy of various actors. We aim to establish true local governance that enables autonomy through regional responsibilities and ingenuity.

G.  Contribution to global peace and prosperity

We will promote realistic security and foreign policies, with a commitment to international cooperation and exclusive self-defense.

With a robust and healthy Japan-US alliance at the core, we will strengthen partnership with countries around the world, including in the Asia-Pacific region and especially our neighboring countries.

Based on frameworks of multilateral cooperation such as that of the United Nations, we will contribute to the lasting peace and prosperity of the international community by directly confronting global issues such as climate change.

We will promote humanitarian assistance and economic partnerships. We aim to abolish nuclear weapons and achieve human security.

We will pursue an ’open national interest’ that benefits not only our own country but also others.

We value Japanese culture and art, and will promote a wide range of cultural and artistic activities while interacting with the diverse cultures of the world.

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